This powerful collection brings together everything which Kafka allowed to be published during his lifetime.In it we see clearly the range of his talent, from the spare "classic" style of the great stories to the brilliant "poetry" of the short pieces.We know that he possessed a fanatical artistic scrupulosity, one that rivaled Flaubert's in its rigor.Kafka once remarked, passing a severe judgement on his writings: "Of all that I have written the only things that count are: 'The Judgement', 'The Stoker' (Chap. 1 of Amerika ), 'Metamorphosis', 'In the Penal Colony', A Country Doctor', and the story, 'A Hunger Artist'."The present volume, then, comprises the works that Franz Kafka chose to stand upon.

[From the back cover; errors in original]

Conversation with the Supplicant
The Judgment
The Metamorphosis
A Country Doctor
In the Penal Colony
A Hunger Artist
The First Long Train Journey (with Max Brod)
The Aeroplanes at Brescia (trans. G. Humphreys Roberts)
Three Critical Pieces (trans. Clement Greenberg)
Epilogue (by Max Brod)

[Note that The Stoker "is omitted because it is the first chapter of the novel Amerika."]