Brander Hansen is the Baron of Hamar to some people, and Lord Olsen - a discreet gentleman of discovery - to others. Participating in his trade allows him to rebuild his fortune, and attain a lifestyle befitting his title. When one of Norway's upstanding citizens shoots a man on a crowded street in Christiania, and then turns the gun on himself, Brander is asked to solve the murder/suicide. Baroness Regin Kildahl Hansen dons a disguise to help her husband with his investigation - even as he risks his own funds to discover if the deaths are connected to a financial opportunity. Together they uncover a massive scheme that risks both Brander's financial security, and the financial stability of Norway's noble class. At the height of the investigation, the Hansens receive word that Brander's father in Arendal is dying; a message that revives Brander's anger at his father's betrayal. He refuses to visit his father until the investigation is finished. And when he arrives in Arendal with Regin, he finds he is less than welcome.