"These are modern, urban tales you will want to share with friends, reading passages over the phone and drawing comparisons with characters recognizable in just about everybody's life. A fresh voice...revealing new truths, reminding us of folks we know and making nearly everything just a little funnier"-"Rain Taxi"

"Acute, acerbic and endearingly grumpy...Unlike some humorists - think David Letterman and David Sedaris- Ford isn't afraid to forgo quick punch lines when he comments on more serious topics"-"Publisher's Weekly"

The multi award winning humorist is back with an in depth, on target, and of course, very, very funny guide to all things queer. Why are lesbians fascinated by acoustic guitars? Why are gay men compelled to buy Madonna CD's and face care products. Does "Tiger Beat" make boys gay? What happens if the Boyfriend Within is sleeping around? No one satirizes and celebrates gay life in twenty-first century America with the unerring accuracy and zeal of Michael Thomas Ford. With the same unerring eye for what makes queer life so delirously weird and worth living that has earned him legions of fans among critics and book buyers alike, Ford examines gay archetypes, attitudes, fashion and gossip; you know...the good stuff!

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Media targets: "Politically Incorrect, Entertainment Weekly, The Advocate, Out, Genre, Instinct, XY, Hero."

Michael Thomas Ford is a two time Lambda Literary Award winner for the best selling "My Queer Life" collections "Alec Baldwin Doesn't Love Me" and "That's Mr. Faggot to You" . A longtime resident of Boston, Massachussetts, he recently located to Los Angeles to make it big in the movies.

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How I Got This Way, or,
Did Tiger Beat Make Me Gay?

A couple of weeks ago I was in line at the post office, standing behind a woman with three boys. One was a