In the land of Talus Scree, magical rocks yield powers to those who use them. Hover rocks allow kids to hover on air as if they were on a skateboard, freeze rocks stop time temporarily, and flavor rocks will cook up a great meal. Good struggles against evil for control of Talus Scree. Kiffin, a blue-haired twelve-year-old, grows up on Misty Island in privilege. While the adults, including his parents, slave away in Prince Mischief's mines and the children go to mining school, Kiffin is free to wander the island and do what he wants. He even has a rare, magical creature that can shape-shift into any animal. When Kiffin finds the key to the Lost Treasure of Talus Scree, he and his friends embark on an adventure to find the treasure and save their world.

“A fast-paced, easy-to-follow adventure … just the thing for some reluctant readers, especially fans of graphic novels and video games.” —School Library Journal

“This intricate plot is rich in fantasy. The author invents two-headed beasts, enchanted spells, dancing flowers, glowing fangs, black holes, and oracles in the classic fight of good versus evil. The illustrations are outstanding and can assist the reader in comprehending the imaginative text.” —Julie Schneggenburger Children's Literature

“This fast-paced, action-packed middle grade novel reads at the same pace of the first Indiana Jones movie, which is sure to keep even reluctant readers turning the pages.” —"Bill's Books", ALAN Online