I was so glad to be off work that Tuesday afternoon. It had been the most horrific day that I had ever experienced. Anything that could go wrong did. I could not wait to get out of that office at five o’clock. My mind and body were exhausted. I stopped at the coffee shop on my way to the parking garage to get my car. I needed the caffeine to get me through the thirty minute commute home.
I loved living in the rural area outside of town, except on days like that day. The long drive was almost unbearable. I was glad when I had finally reached the outer limits of the city. I could relax a little. I absent mindedly drove through the country side. The hypnotic sound of the tires softly roaring on the asphalt was the only thing that I heard until the siren blared behind me.
I looked in my rearview mirror, expecting to have to slow down for the officer to pass me, but instead he was behind me with his lights flashing for me to pull over. I wondered what I had done to attract the attention of a police officer, but I was clueless.
I pulled the car over and turned the engine off. He was right behind me in his patrol car. I gathered my license, registration, and insurance information. I looked in the mirror once again. He was still in his car talking on his radio. I nervously tapped the steering wheel with my fingers while I waited on him. Finally he emerged from the car and walked up to my window.