This is a new release of the rare and very collectable first book entirely devoted to Marilyn Monroe.

This edition includes all of the original text and photos.

"The Marilyn Monroe Story. The Intimate Inside Story of Hollywood's Hottest Glamour Girl" was the first book written exclusively about Marilyn Monroe. It was originally published in 1953 by the Rudolph Field Company. It was published as a Hardcover with a color dust jacket and also as a Paperback. The original book was 63 pages with 39 gorgeous black and white photos of Marilyn Monroe.

The author, Joe Franklin, is still a renowned talk show icon who started his career in New York over half a century ago. In 1953 he worked closely with M. M. on what was to become the first biography of Norma Jean Baker who, at the time, was just 27 years old.

The casual remark, “It’s about time someone wrote the real story about Marilyn Monroe” led to the writing of this book. It reveals the heart and soul of the girl who surely is America’s sweetheart and heartthrob.Her struggles for success and her studied endeavors to achieve happiness is told in a simple, frank, always warm manner.Just the way Marilyn would want it to be told.

The book is at home with Miss Monroe from her early childhood until her appearance in the movie “How To Marry A Millionaire.”As you read, you’ll laugh and sigh with the pretty, plucky girl who cracked the hard shell of Hollywood to become one of the greatest box office stars.