I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It contains 5 stories originally published in the pulps in circa 1916 or so. Harold Lamb got his start as a historical fiction writer with these stories of Khlit the aged Cossack warrior. All of the stories were enjoyable. The plotting at times more complex that expected from pulp fiction. Lamb liked his characters to use their wits to get out of trouble as well as their swords.
The final story in this collection, "White Falcon" actually features Khlit's grandson and Khlit is a supporting character. For Robert E Howard fans you might find it interesting that the antagonist in the story goes by the name Erlik Khan, Lord of the Dead!
Howard was greatly inspired by Harold Lamb who went on to write historical biographies and non-fiction books. He also wrote screenplays for movies like "Te Crusades (1935)" and "Samson and Delilah" featuring Hedy Lamar and Victor Mature.
All of these stories have been reprinted in the Bison Publishing books by Harold Lamb.