From one of the book boxes that Moem sent to me. This one will stay here untill I've read it.

I liked this book. Not the best espionage book I've ever read, but it was okay.
What I disliked most, was the fact that I could not quite follow the who did what in the espionage part. The main thread was easy to follow, Grafton and his task to be completed.

The spies, the counter spies, the Minotaur.... for me they were a bit shady in motives and who did what. But spy business is always a bit shady, so I coped the best I could. The book left me with the question why it was written like this.
Okay, money is a very important motivator for the person who sells secrets and preventing the other side from getting too far ahead technologically for the person / country who buys. I did not find anything spectacular, surprising in this book, so I'm a bit disappointed.