This is the story of Shaheem Thomas, a first time felon turned hardened Murderer for all the right reasons and all the wrong circumstances. It is a story of betrayal,deceit,greed,loyalty and respect.What do you do when society has thrown in the towel on you and refuse to give you another shot at living a normal life? Do you whither away like a raisin in the sun or do you get up, get out and get yourself something? What do you do when the two friends you have in this world abandons you after doing a ten year bid for them? I'll tell you what you do, you pick up that cold steel and make murder your companion and money your best friend. If your from Harlem,chances are the story is as near to you as the briefs your wearing. If your not,don't worry because this story goes on all across america in a Harlem near you. This book is for the Nigger that would rather choke on his blood than snitch on his man. It is for the Nigger that will smack a three hundred pound nigger the same way he would a ninety-pound Nigger soaken wet. This book is not for everybody; especially bubble gum rappers who try to live the lives of the gangsters they watched rolling down their blocks in Big whips, doing Big things.