Blush: This is a suggestive romance (love scenes are not graphic) "If you want to live, restore my freedom. The jury must vote not guilty."All Cass Bellair wants is to go to lunch with the cute guy sitting behind her. Performing her civic duty as a juror while making new friends, what could be better? Paradise is a few days away from her burdens at home. Unfortunately, the defendant has different ideas. His henchmen are looking for weak spots in the jury and secrets to exploit. Cass has a past tailor-made to haunt her.Soon, it seems no one wants the defendant to be convicted except the jury. The last person Cass can trust is the only person who can help her…Ben Cameron was once the friend of a man who brutalized her, and Cass wants nothing to do with him. Still, they are forced to work together to uncover the roots of the conspiracy targeting them. Getting close to him will put her heart at risk, but staying away will put the lives of many, including her own friends and family, in danger.