A gentle but honest book covering a topic important to far too many young readers, this picture book helps children understand and cope with a loved one going to jail. The cover shows a very sad bunny (Sketch) drawing a picture of his dad being arrested, and we learn in the story that his school counselor encourages him to draw pictures of his feelings. The book is sensitive yet truthful in covering arrest, jail, prison, family visits, and how to handle school. Boxes on the pages include further information, such as explaining what a law is. Some of the vocabulary is a bit too challenging for young readers, with words like “mentor” and “enclosed”, but the book does a great job naming a variety of emotions, such as worried, embarrassed, sad, and angry. Part of the Life’s Challenges series, which also covers topics such as death and divorce, this book would make an excellent addition to a school or public library, as well as a social worker or counselor’s office.
(Puget Sound Council Review)