When I first picked up this book I thought the author L.J. Smith was 'Little John Smith', the former tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles and that he had just branched into writing young-reader fantasy novels, but part of the way in I realized he wasn't capable of writing something this bad and that I was actually reading this chick.Once I got over my initial shock and disappointment I really tried to force myself to enjoy this book, kind of like when your wife forces you to see Twilight for the 7th time, but deep down you know you'd rather let steroid raging boxers use your nut sack as a speed bag than sit through this again.

To briefly summarize, this book is about 4 siblings, Alys, Janie, Charles and Claudia, who meet some talking badger, or something, who tells them they have to jump into a mirror to save a smoking hot sorceress from some evil guy before the winter solstice.

The characters are so poorly developed I found myself frequently wishing for their capture and torture just to spice it up a bit.I'd actually forget their names in between readings.And the word choice was a bad case of someone falling in love with their thesaurus a little too much.Look, I've read worse, like The Rogue's Hour, but is that really the endorsement you want for a book you're considering reading?