"We don't know where it came from. We don't know what it is. We don't know what it plans to do."

home from school always felt dangerous to Lillia.Creepy people
watching you from their porch steps.The sudden shift of an upstairs
window curtain.Spurts of conversation with no visible source.It's no
surprise when she finds herself being followed by a drunk.

surprise comes when the sky suddenly goes dark and she looks up to find a
perfectly round and enormous object settling in over top the city.The
object looks more like a moon than a spaceship, but it certainly
doesn't look friendly.

Now Lillia must escape her stalker in the
dark and get home as fast as she can.Her foster siblings are waiting
for her, alone, and the wind already carries the sound of chaos erupting
in the streets.

The Object began as an interactive
serial novel hosted at theobjectserial.wordpress.com and featured
original scores, illustrations, supplemental blog posts, polls, and
reader participation.

Soon The Object: Book
will be available in digital and paperback form.You can
enter to win a free paperback copy at Goodreads.

Visit theobjectserial.wordpress.com for more information.