Second Edition, published on 11/06/13, by Eternal Night Press.

I had experienced love, the kryptonite to anyone disconnected from living, and once that was felt, I’ve learned, you’re a goner. To make matters worse, it wasn’t as simple as loving the boy next door. Oh, no, I had to go and fall in love with not one angel, but two, Kort and Seth. Angelic brothers from both sides of the fence, one a light angel, the other dark. Loving either is a big no, no.
And just as I’m starting to believe I won’t see either again, they both reappear in my life, spouting a warning of a new threat to come against humanity, a threat that’s more powerful and evil than The Fallen. Satan and all of his followers are scrambling to tempt, touch, and invade humanity again; thus, weakening God's rule and unlocking the chains of ... The Irin, an ex-archangel hit squad whose powers supersede those of the two angels that I love.

So now, Kort and Seth have to learn to get along, so that we can all work together to find a way to take on this wicked threat that looms, because their leader, Samyaza, who takes the virtue of human women to give his angelic powers a boost, has his sight set on me, and he’ll hunt me down until he takes my power over all of mankind, not to mention my virtue.

Genre: New Adult Dark Fantasy
Coming Soon: Avowed (Book three)
Recommended Reading Age 18+