First published in 1912. "A Detailed and Accurate Account of the Most Awful Marine Disaster in History, Constructed from the Real Facts as Obtained from Those on Board Who Survived… INCLUDING Records of Previous Great Disasters of the Sea, Descriptions of the Developments of Safety and Life-saving Appliances, a Plain Statement of the Causes of Such Catastrophes and How to Avoid Them, the Marvelous Development of Shipbuilding, etc." According to Wikipedia: "Logan Marshall (born 1884), was the pen name of Logan Howard-Smith of Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Howard-Smith was the son of Robert Spurrier and Elizabeth (McKinney) Howard-Smith.”
The sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters is an exciting collection of first-hand stories describing the catastrophe of Titanic's maiden voyage as told by its survivors shortly after the ship sank. Originally written and published in 1912, Logan Marshall's book was the first attempt to solve the mystery of the accident and relieve the heartache which it stirred internationally.

Here's good news for the revival of the Christian principles that endeavor to put "women and children first." Your students will learn about love, duty, courage, endurance, and hope as they read firsthand accounts of genuine survivors of various tragedies. Includes numerous charts and photos, and exciting interviews direct from the year 1912. A great "read aloud" for the whole family. Large, clear type with illustrations.