What made me choose this book, is that I thought that it looked interesting. I also wanted to choose this book because it is out of my reading level, so i thought that it would be a nice little read.
One thing that I liked about this book, was the wording the author had used.I liked this because, I usually read books with a large variety of words, in which some of them I do not understand.But in this book, with their easier level of wording, I enjoyed reading it.Was a simple read, and I didn't have to take the time to figure out what some of the words are since I had already known them.One thing that I didn't like about the book, was how they carried the plot through the book.I realize that they like to help animals, but they didn't have to keep repeating that through out most of the book.This could have been bad judgement on my part for choosing this book.
Nothing exactly surprised me about this book, except the repetition of how they save animals.Wasn't something that I liked.What deffinitely could have been better in this book, is that, it could have stretched the plot a little more.Cause to me, this book seemed like everything was going by fast.I don't like books that go fast and leave out detail, I like books that have a lot of detail and a large plot.
After reading this book, I know that I will want to read a more challenging book, that is on my level of reading.Because this book, was probably the highest level book that I have read in a long time.So, I will deffinitely be reading a longer paged, more detailed book soon.This book was really nothing more than some thing that an eight year old can read.