Oh man! demi apaa!
since my brother ask me if I don't have this manga, I was immediately exited to read it! and finally, I've read it!

I really like Cello with her passion and Guel with his smile (yes! there's Guel with his big smile!!). their love story. their kiss scene (well, even it just a few—three, I think. it just... I don't know, but feeling about Guel to Cello is conveyed to the reader and it sooo warm and.. ah I'm speechless! It just different with kiss scene from other manga)
oh! It's good, happy ending, like this.
I love it.
But, it just too sad that this manga it's over now.
But, one more, it's ok. better than more than 6 volume but not-over-done and can make us bored with the story.
Even I'll never bored with this manga, same as like Detective Conan (hihi not really honestly), Reaching You (as Kimi ni Todoke with love story which soft and pure), and many more.

Ah, I love this manga and this (happy) ending!