Carter Mason's life is turned upside down when her father, Major Mason of the Princess Protection Program-a fictitious organization that rescues princesses-brings Princess Rosalinda to their Louisiana home. Rosalinda's country has been taken over by a dictator. The only way to save her country and her mother is for Rosalinda to go undercover as regular American teen Rosie Gonzalez. Carter is in charge of helping Rosie fit in, but getting the princess to change her ways is more challenging than either one of them expected. And when both girls are nominated for Homecoming Queen, they're in for an unforgettable adventure!

It's not easy being royalty, or pretending not to be, so luckily Rosalinda has Carter to help her. But when Rosalinda teaches Carter what being a princess is really about, Carter realizes there's more to it than shimmering gowns and sparkling tiaras.