Your body is your vehicle on the road of life. Sometimes we crash; it might be other people's fault or we might lose focus. Nevertheless, our vehicles can be repaired. Some vehicles have been totaled and they need a brand new start, so they reinvent themselves. Your vehicle is your body. Knowledge, passion, willpower, and courage are the wheels that keep you rolling. The thought of happiness is your fuel. Gas yourself up with thoughts of a better life and drive yourself toward success. Just steer clear of the road blocks and black ice. Try to avoid accidents. There are a lot of reckless drivers who are impatient and sometimes panic, and if they lose control they could take you out with them. Do not go to slow and do not rush; follow your course. Keep your focus on the path in front of you. Do not concern yourself with focusing on your rear view mirror, because that is your past. Just be aware of what is behind you, because some obstacles from your past will try to creep up behind you. As long as you do not slack and keep accelerating, the obstacles in your past will stay behind you and a lot of them will fade away. Some roads are curvy so stay sharp.
Watch who you have riding along with you, because the people who are beside you and behind you might be the ones slowing you down or giving you bad directions. If somebody gives you the wrong direction and you get lost, you have to account for a lot of time wasted. When you run out of gas who will give you the fuel to gas you back up? If you run out of gas who will get dirty and help you push. If your vehicle breaks down then who will help you fix your problem; whether it is rain, freezing cold, or snow. If the people riding with you are not willing to help then you do not need the extra weight slowing you down. You do not need tag-alongs; you need promoters, motivators, and problem solvers riding along with you. Do not be so fast to pick up hitchhikers; be cautious about whom you let into your life, because everybody does not have good intentions for you. Some people just want to use you for your vehicle. But there are a select few who will help you maintain your vehicle, detail it, keep it running good, and make sure it's happy."
‘Falling is easy, getting up is the hard part.’ When you get up you give yourself the strength to be powerful. You will realize that you can be fearless when it comes to taking opportunities, because you can fall and get up anytime you want.
Just know this: The number of people that you have with you means nothing. The quality of people outweighs the quantity of people. Two smart, strong, loyal, wise, and inspirational people are stronger than fifty good for nothing people. If you have fifty people just lingering around accomplishing little to nothing VS two people who are changing the future, which side would you want to be on. The two people will step to a level the fifty people could not reach, even if they stood on each other’s shoulders. The quantity of people around you does not make you stronger; it is just more weight to hold you down, or more crabs in the barrel to keep pulling you back. The quality of the people in your life will offer you fresh ideas, motivation, insight, strength, and help illuminate your future and make you feel confidant. If the people around you are not your light then why are they there?
We are the decedents of kings and queens, not slaves and peasants. There is a ruler within all of us. A human being who had the knowledge to obtain power and control has conquered so many countries.
Being a king or a queen is a mental state of mind. We have to see ourselves as powerful, the highest of the high. We rule this world; our kingdoms are our families, friends, and our possessions. We can conquer anything that we want; all it takes is determination and knowledge.