Stott develops the qualities of a biblical preacher by examining the different roles that a preacher takes on: steward, herald, witness, Father, and servant. I don’t think that these roles should be separated to be weighed to determine which ones are more important or which ones are less important. Instead, I think there is value in pursuing growth in all areas to paint a full picture of a biblical preacher. However, clearly defining these roles is helpful, at least to me, because it allows me to see which areas I am more gifted and grown in, and which areas I need to pursue with more intensity. This book helps men to recognize their strengths and weakness, giving them the ability to lean into their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses.

This book was helpful because it clearly identifies the role of the preacher, and it identifies those roles through the lens of Scripture. Not only does it identify the roles, it show what those roles look like in the life of the preacher.