This small little book of just 96 pages is a gem, written by Dr Catherine González professor Emerita at Columbia Theological Seminary.She has written numerous other books, some with her husband, Rev Dr Justo González.In this little book, she so accurately pinpoints many of the problems with the church's own proclamation of the gospel, diagnosing and isolating issues such as individualism, confusion regarding the church's message, problems of authority and Biblical literacy, just to name a few.Then turning to clarifying the message itself, she presents a succinct argument and rational as well as a model for a vital congregation looking to wrestle with what it means to proclaim hope and salvation in today's culture.With study questions after each chapter, this book in a short amount of time gets to the heart of the matter, citing questions that are at the center of the church's mission to proclaim the Gospel for the salvation of humankind.This is a must read for anyone engaging the question of the church's mission, and the nature of the Gospel.Excellent for study groups.