"Living Christianity" is a treatment of 100 topics of material in a conversational style — from forgiveness, grace, and prayer, to doctrinal issues on law, church government, and disarmament. The Beatitudes with their themes on poverty, hunger, and persecution are dealt with in a unique way — an excellent read for the serious student of biblical Christianity.A book for both beginning and mature believers, "Living Christianity" is: * Understandable * Thought-provoking * Unique applications * Present-day principles * Personal meaning for allSpeaking with an Anabaptist voice in the 21st Century, "Living Christianity" comes from the author of "Transforming the Believer," a book that maps a road of growth and maturity for the Christian believer through the difficulties of life. The books speak not with a voice of living unreachable lives, but extend the hand of hope that Christianity is both living and livable. These are books worth returning to for yet another read.