"Implementing philosophy in Elementary Schools" is the result of a two year collaboration project between the Washington Elementary School in San Jose, the Philosophy Department at San Jose State University, and a group of dedicated parents and volunteers. Piloted for the 2nd and 3rd grades, the result is a classroom-ready, active learning program for engaging students in critical thinking and philosophy. Written by teachers, professors, and the founders of the project, Principal Maria Evans and Dr. Ali Bassiri, the contents cover every aspect of preparing students for philosophy. "Implementing Philosophy in Elementary Schools" is the perfect supplement for districts interested in boosting oral language development, critical thinking, and persuasive writing exercises—all essential components of the Common Core Standards. Teachers will appreciate the easy to follow guidelines, while parents will learn how to discuss abstract topics with their children. Elementary school principals will be inspired to share this book with their staff, with an eye toward raising academic rigor for children. And, best of all, teachers will love reading comprehension strategies and discussion topics that will engage their classes in real-life dilemmas. "Implementing Philosophy in Elementary Schools" is of interest to us all—whether in class, on the playground, or around the dining room table at home.