1857: Eighteen-year-old Margaret Wheeler, daughter of General Wheeler, is kidnapped during the uprising. 1997: Eighteen-year-old Delhi-schoolgirl, Tara Fernandez, is kidnapped and murdered. Two crimes of passion separated by 140 years but bound by strange similarities. In 2013, Tara's little sister, Pia, a young aspiring novelist, is investigating the curious story of Margaret, one of the first known 'victims' of the Stockholm Syndrome. When Pia stumbles upon Margaret's private journal and letters, she finally begins to understand how it might have been possible for that woman to fall in love with her captor. But the more compelling question before Pia is whether her sister might have been similarly in love. Why else had she not returned home when she clearly had the chance? But, if she had been in love, why was she eventually killed? Moving gracefully between the gruelling summer of 1850s Kanpur and the leaden grey winter of modern-day Delhi, Jaishree Misra weaves an intriguing tale of danger and violence and the human capacity for hope.