Britain faces a new and deadly terrorist threat.

A group of British-based Muslim extremists are recruiting young boys for an attack that will kill thousands - and start a wave of terrorist atrocities,

The challenge for the security services? These terrorists are receiving inside help.

A double agent working within MI5 has leaked top secret information. The traitor must be found. And stopped.

As the clock winds down to destruction they need their own man on the inside - of the terror cell.

A Recruit.

Ethan Blake is an Elite Soldier and a veteran of the ‘War on Terror’. He has served Queen and Country on blood-strewn battlefields. He has been shot at, blown up, wounded and decorated for bravery multiple times.

His task? Too infiltrate the terror group.

But Ethan is mixed up in a deadly game of bluff and double-bluff?

And he'll have to work out what exactly he has been recruited for - before it is too late.

'The Recruit' is a stunningly realistic thriller from a writer with personal experience of the war on terror. It is perfect for fans of Andy McNab, Chris Ryan and Lee Child.

'A thumping good read.' - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of'Trade-Off'.

Alexander Khan is the author of the best-selling 'Orphan of Islam' who writes under a pseudonym, was born in northern England in 1975. His father was a Pathan tribesman from north-west Pakistan and his mother was a working-class girl from Hyde, near Manchester. In 1978 his father abducted him, took him to his home village of Tajik, and he never saw his mother again. Flung back and forth between England and Pakistan for years, Alex was eventually kidnapped forced to join a camp famed for training members of extreme groups.

Alex is now a happily-married telecoms engineer. He lives with his wife on the south coast of England.

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