I got this book when I was 10. My english wasn't good enough at the time to understand the book really. I found a list of vocabs with simple words like arrowheads. But hey, I don't think I need to know the word arrowhead in year 2000 really. So when I found this book in my parents' storage unit amidst of all my other books, I took it with me home. And I read it. It was funny! I mean, a lot of it is word play, but easily understandable by a child if you grew up speaking english. I particularly love the illustrations. I just like the style. I know I'm not a child anymore, but that doesn't mean I enjoy Terry Deary's books any less. I might in fact read other of his work too.
This book is by no means a book which lays out the Stone Age chronologically and explains in details what happened in each period. It had a small session describing the timeline, when was first humanoid discovered, when did the Neanderthals walked on this Earth and when they went extinct, when did our ancestors appeared, etc. And then the rest of the books are just chapters on different interesting discoveries regarding the stone age. It sometimes switches between comic strips and paragraphs, or sometimes the comics supplemented the text. It was all very comfortable to read, I'd imagine it being especially engaging when you read the book together when your children. It was fun!

Stone age man 1: Why do we eat sloths all the time?
Stone age man 2: Fast food is bad for you!

Can you not at least smile at this, if not laugh?