A Blunt & Jones mystery.

In the winter of 1887 in London's new Savoy Theatre, Gilbert & Sullivan were enjoying their latest success with the Mikado and Conan Doyle had just published The Study in Scarlet, his first Sherlock Holmes story. However a series of puzzling crimes in the theatre was threatening to disrupt rehearsals for their next production. Someone was targeting the Savoy and the future of Doyly Carte's company was at stake unless the mysterious figure behind the crimes could be found.

The uncovering of the mystery by Caleb Blunt and his talented assistant Emily Jones takes us from the glamour of London's theatreland into the shadowy underworld of the great city and the most audacious series of jewel robberies of the age.

Who is the mastermind behind these crimes which have baffled Scotland Yard and why has he targeted the Theatre?

How does the young doctor just enjoying the success of his first Sherlock Holmes story become involved?