Discover innovative recipes that help fight common health problemsIn 1995, Dr. James Anderson's groundbreaking study showed that just 47 grams of soy protein a day can reduce a person's levels of bad cholesterol! Soy protein-rich foods have other benefits as well — they're packed with bone-strengthening calcium, contain plant estrogens to alleviate symptoms of menopause, and may also help prevent breast cancer and osteoporosis. The Soy Gourmet offers 75 tasty and satisfying soy protein recipes that are easy to prepare and can become staples in anyone's diet.

Along with the incredibly delicious recipes, practical information is included, such as:
— Descriptions of soybeans, tofu, and tempeh, and other soy foods for the novice cook
— Advice on menu planning to help you keep track of what you're eating
— A list of breakfast, lunch and dinner menus telling you exactly how much protein you're getting

Zesty recipes such as Bananas Foster French Toast, Spicy Soy Chili, and Almost-Instant Chocolate Mousse prove that healthful meals can still taste great.
— "The Soy Gourmet" includes an introduction by Dr. James Anderson.
— "The Soy Gourmet" offers 75 incredible recipes from Robin Robertson's kitchen.
— Each recipe contains a detailed list of the amount of calories, protein, fat, percentage of calories from fat, cholesterol, fiber, sodium, and calcium.
— Growing interest in healthier eating insures a large audience for the book.