King Marston is a man with a past: a gun-slinger and a gambler. Typically when he rode into a town, he rode out scant days later, richer, but no longer welcome. Then, his luck changed, and the sheriff of Hell's Pass, the aptly-named hellhole he'd ridden into, saw the benefits of having someone with King's skills on the "right" side of the law. He made King an offer he couldn't refuse - be my deputy when I need a good gun at my back, I'll pay you well, and you can settle down.

At first blush, King was not the "settlin' down" sort. But the more he thought about it, the more he decided he liked the idea. There was just one thing missing: a bride. He wasn't going to find one through the regular channels, though. King Marston had some very special tastes when it came to women, and he found just what he was looking for at the Mercy Orphanage just on the outskirts of town.

Aubrielle Cecille Hardy was eighteen and had done her best to avoid being noticed. Technically too old to still be living at the orphanage, she'd stayed on as a bit of a hired hand. She knew perfectly well that most of the girls left when they were much younger than eighteen, and Aubrielle knew exactly where the Orphanage Mistress was sending them, but so far she'd been able to avoid that fate. Then one day the largest man she'd ever seen rode in... and two hours later, she rode out with him, to a life unlike any she'd ever anticipated. King wants a woman that will be his down to the bone, one he can train and curb and test, one he can do exactly as he pleases with. Aubrielle fits that bill perfectly. Suddenly Aubrielle finds herself in a childish dress, with a horribly sore bottom, and a nanny. Could she run away? Where would she go? Or does she stay and fall under King's spell, and come to love the life he's introduced to, the life of a forever young "child" bride.

Carolyn Faulkner's Victorian age-play fantasy, The Little Miss, is the single most popular book ever published by Blushing Books. Carolyn returns us to that world, this time in the American West, instead of England. The Submissive Bride is a completely new story, and while Edmund and his "litte miss" Lacy make a brief appearance, this is King's and Aubrielle's story.

This age-play fantasy is a severe story, containing scenes of strict non-consensual discipline, anal erotica (including enemas), and some F/F elements, as Aubrielle is trained not only by King but by strict Nanny Emily. If such themes disturb you, do not buy "The Submissive Bride." But if you've been waiting a long time to return to the world of "The Little Miss," don't miss "The Submissive Bride."