It was a magnificent engineering achievement in a golden age of shipbuilding. Its lavish extravagance and sheer record-breaking size had the White Star Line's rivals dashing back to their drawing boards. The Titanic attracted the rich and famous and with them the entire world's attention. But its sinking and the loss of over 1,500 lives have made its name synonymous with tragedy, the ship itself now representing poor judgement, bad planning, and gross negligence. Fascination with the Titanic, however, has never waned. Throughout their lives survivors were treated as celebrities, films were made and stories written. Then in 1986, 74 years after it sank, its final resting place was discovered on the ocean floor. Pictures were taken and relics salvaged. Ten years later the site has been revisited and this time it is hoped that the Titanic can be raised. With this and the 85th anniversary of that horrifying night, comes a new wave of excitement. Illustrated throughout with 100 photographs, The Titanic tells the fascinating story of this ship, from inception to the events of the night of April 14, 1912 and on to the present day.