When Aspyn Cartwright has been dumped by her fiancé, her friends decide what Aspyn needs is a vacation away from all the drama and pitiful society looks. Normally, one to plan everything down to the minutest detail, Aspyn throws caution to the wind and boards a plane heading for Hawaii. She has no idea this trip is going to change her life in a big way. Who knew that trouble with start with a lei?

Jesse Spencer is a smoke jumper in Colorado and after a long, hard season, he’s ready for a little detox time and a whole lot of time spent on the beach inHawaii. No sooner than getting to the islands, he meets beautiful Aspyn. And not in a normal way of meeting, but in a comical sketch involving flying lingerie, a cranky Pomeranian, and an overzealous lei vendor.

Jesse is all about striking when the moment is hot—his job as taught him that you can’t take your time with everything. If it feels right, go for it. When he meets uptight Aspyn, not only is he totally attracted to her, he wants to teach her that life is worth living, and it doesn’t need to be planned out months in advance. Before the end of the trip these two are going to learn that love can come out of nowhere.