John 15 has become perhaps my favorite book in the Bible. For one, I love the image of the people of God as a vine, much like's Paul's idea of an olive tree. And I love the clarity of this chapter: I have chosen you, therefore you WILL bear fruit, you WILL abide, you can ask WHATEVER you want in my name, etc. That strong assurance is placed side by side with a blazing warning—if you don't abide, you're cut off and burned. Sometimes we get so hooked on grace that we let such verses lose their impact, but we ought not. Add that to the love command and the "Greater love has no one than this . . ." statement, plus the promise of the Spirit at the end of the chapter after a warning that the world will hate you because of me and because I came to talk about sin, and you can see why I love this chapter. Unfortunately, this book of devotions on the chapter was weak, and repetitive. Guess I'll have to write my own some day!