The Virgin and The Priest is the absolute must-read. One by one, it shatters the sacred cows of Christianity to explain the truth of what really happened two thousand years ago. The Gospel Infancy Narratives are deciphered to break an embedded code that protected the identity of Jesus' father from those deemed incapable of receiving it. Jesus was the younger brother of John the Baptist, and their father was murdered for breaking the Law on adultery. Sibling rivalry lay behind Jesus' failure to gain public acceptance. Overwhelming evidence is presented to show that the Dead Sea Scrolls are not only an unedited version of New Testament events, but one of the manuscripts is a letter from John the Baptist sent to Jesus. The hitherto baffling images of Renaissance masterpieces are explained to prove the existence of a heretical counter-culture that knew the secret of Jesus' parentage, but revered John the Baptist as the true Christ.