The Wave by Margaret Hodges is a great example of background pictures and colors adding to the drama to the story. There is a lot of white space in the book, which represents a lot of nothing. The story is about a tidal waving coming to the village. In the beginning of the story when they were describing the village a lot of neutral colors were used to describe the village and the safety of everyday life. When the earthquake started the house sizes were lopsided with a lot of negative space. As the tidal wave began to grow, you can see the changes of colors. The color are now grays, black, very ominous. It grows in size and then there is no more white space. Colors, size intensives as danger grows. I don't think this story could have been told as effectively if it wasn't for the changesof pictures. I believe this was enriched the story to help create a visual of the destruction of a natural disaster.