Are you a Christian that knows the King, is saved for eternity, but is struggling to apply Kingdom principles to live the extraordinary life you were called to? Then this book is for you. Have you found certain New Testament stories in the Bible either confusing or simply didn't know how to apply them for results in your life? Then this book is for you. Follow Jesus and discover His keys to living an extraordinary life in an ordinary world by applying Kingdom principles through the ten traits of full commitment, personal responsibility, contribution, focus, honesty, honor, trust, abundance, boldness, and knowledge. Jesus as the Ultimate Compassionate Samurai will empower you to: Discover the keys Jesus used for abundance in the midst of scarcity. Learn how Jesus trusted among untrustworthy people. Realize the secret keys to being bold when you don't feel courageous. Uncover Jesus' revelations of commitment in a world that lacks it. Master, with Jesus, the art of being responsible even when you aren't. Through the ultimate model of the life of Jesus and his followers, this book will show you how to combine compassion towards others and success in life, making you the victor you were always destined to be. "This study is yet another brilliant work from my good friend, Brian Klemmer. Whether you are in business, ministry, the arts, medicine, or education, this ten-part series will position you to achieve your highest and best! Including teachings from leaders around the globe, Jesus as the Ultimate Compassionate Samurai is a profound look into the ten vital traits of a compassionate samurai. This will turn your ordinary existence into an extraordinary life!" -John Bevere, Best-selling Author & International Speaker, Messenger International, Colorado Springs, Colorado