I am an educator and writer, currently working on another YA novel. I am also working on a PhD in literacy at University of Illinois-Chicago. When I don't have a book or pen in hand I like to visit family, try new restaurants, and relax on the beach!

ABOUT SELLOUT -NaTasha Jennings doesn’t fit in with the white kids in her small suburban hometown. When she runs into trouble at school she is humiliated, frustrated, and lost. She does the only thing she knows to do…run away and hide. But she escapes to Harlem with her grandmother Tilly and runs right into a whole new set of problems in the big city, where everything is unfamiliar. Tilly decides NaTasha needs to get back to her roots and volunteers her to help at a crisis center for girls in the Bronx, mingling with girls who are troubled and tough as nails. These girls are nothing like NaTasha’s friends from home. Now, she doesn’t fit in with the black kids in the city either. NaTasha has to learn to survive in her new environment and decide whether she will tough it out with her new peers or run right back home again. It’s a summer that will change her life forever.