A dark magic comes in the northern lands. It is somewhat similar to the one developed by Wiz, but still feels alien and really menacing. As a result of the first attack on the wizard's stronghold Moira's body is stolen while her spirit is stuck in a dragon's body. To recover Moira and to learn more about the new enemy, an expedition to the abandoned Black League city is in order.

This is a much darker book than the last one, but it still has quite a few humorous moments. At times it feels like it can shed some of the parts which do almost nothing to the story and the end was kind of abrupt again, but some of the characters/creatures keep the rating in the 4-star category - most notably a homicidal Energizer Bunny and 20-foot gourmand lobster with a taste for well-prepared humans: it does not eat them without good seasoning.

Unfortunately this is the last finished book in the series with the next one being just a rough draft freely available on the author's web page. It is also unlikely that Rick Cook will ever finish the series, or write another one. In any case, I would like to express my gratitude to the author and my sincere wishes for his recovery (one can always hope).