To save the world from being consumed by an alien technology that you inadvertently unleashed, you must use your wits, cunning, and of course... your Kindle ereader! In this exciting universe, you are the hero. You direct the lead character as your avatar in exploring the mysteries of an alien race as you attempt to discover the source of immense technological power while trying to correct the cause of the destructive events unfolding around you.

The Vortex combines classic elements of both Text Adventure games and Choose Your Own Adventure books to provide an interactive quest that is sure to entertain. Like a CYOA this interactive novel is decision driven, however, the navigation and exploration of the virtual world are clearly rooted in the traditional text adventure style of game play. This is a gamebook where your actions as well as your ability to solve mysteries through deduction are the keys to survival. The Vortex provides you with a location oriented environment that you move through encountering puzzles and obstacles that actually require you to carefully observe and think your way through. This is a work of modern interactive fiction designed for today’s eReaders and tablets.

Editorial Reviews
Demian Katz of "I had a great time with this book...", "I'm definitely looking forward to the next entry in the series!"