Sometimes falling in love can be the best birthday present of all.

Young Marisa Landon has always been the best of friends with Lydia Wycliffe. Lydia's elder brother, William, will soon leave their tranquil life among the English gentry to join the fight against the French emperor Napoleon and his troops.

Marisa envies Will the adventure that awaits him even while she dreams of receiving a horse of her very own for her upcoming fourteenth birthday. But Marisa's special day brings a surprise when she suddenly realizes that Will going off to war is a truly dangerous prospect. The thought that he might never return brings up new and unexpected feelings in her young heart.

Marisa Becoming Fourteen is a short story and an excellent introduction for girls of all ages to life in Regency England, the time of Jane Austen. This is a PREQUEL to the full-length traditional Regency novel, Marisa's Choice, which picks up four years later when Marisa is 18 and ready for her first London Season and Will is just settling in after his time in the army and safe return home to Dorsetshire.