Rosemary is excited when the classtakesa field trip to the
pet store to find a classpet.Sheis disappointed and repulsed,
however, when the class chooses arat.Rats are dirty and live in
sewers, Rosemary contends.As she getsto know the grey and white
rat the class hasnamedCheese,Rosemarysoon becomes attached.
Soon Rosemary really cares a lot about Cheese, so much so that when
Brian, who's been designated totakehimhomeforthe weekend,
gloats about Cheese as "catbait," Rosemary takes matters into her
own hands,sneakinghimhomeinherbackpack.Some hilarious
consequences ensue, first at her orthodonist, and then at home with
her baby brother.

Thisone'savery fast-paced, very funny, andvery
lighthearted read that willappealtoeventhemostreluctant
reader, espeically the 2nd-3rd grader who's ready to tackle chapter
books.Not only will kids finditenjoyable, but they'll learn a
lot about rats as well, includingan afterword on how to keep them
as pets.