In general, I rate books as follows: 1 star, for books I couldn't even finish. 2 stars, for books which on some level fail to achieve what they set out to. 3 stars, for books which aren't great, but do accomplish what they set out to. 4 stars, for books that go beyond accomplishing their goals and actually add something to the world by their presence in it. 5 stars, for books which are superlatively excellent.
That's why, even though I do not care for this book at all, it still gets 3 stars. It sets out to be smarmy, popular tripe, and that's exactly what it is. It is the "story" of the production of the "Reach Out and Touch Someone" campaign for AT&T (back when most of us still called it "Ma Bell"), and it does give insight to the superficial reality (if one can call it that) of the advertising world of the day. It does so more in terms of mood than verifiable facts, however; it wouldn't make a very good source, because nothing in it is cited or referenced - it amounts to a sort of third-person memoir. It is written in a pithy, slightly ironic style that is quick and probably understandable at the 3rd grade reading level - also appropriate for the subject matter. It does portray the pettiness, the meaningless dickering, and the lack of artistry of the commercial advertising world minutely, but it will all seem rather dated to readers today.