This book, written in 1943, is an oldie but a goodie.I had always heard of it and finally decided to read it.This book is an eyewitness account of the 1942 Dolittle Raid over Tokyo.Sixteen B-25's bombed industrial targets in Japan at close range.The mission was a success and Captain Lawson's plane bombed its assigned targets in just 30 seconds.However, because of bad weather, the plane ran short on fuel and ended up crashing in China.Luckily Lawson and his men were rescued by the Chinese.Most of the men were very badly injured.Lawson lost all of his teeth and eventually his leg as well.It took them many months to finally get back home to the United States.Lawson had married right before he began training for this top secret mission and worried that his wife would be disgusted by his disfigurement from the crash.Lawson thought wrong though, and his wife and her family welcomed him back with open arms.I found this book to be very interesting.It seems I only hear about Hitler and Germany with regards to WWII.It was interesting to read this book describing this campaign which was a direct retaliation for the bombing of Pearl Harbor