For the last Mary Stewart 'group read' which I did for Madam, Will You Talk?, I decided to cast the book as a movie, picking glamorous stars from the fifties.Hannah asked if I would do that again for this book, so here it is!Yay!I hope you enjoy it.

Now casting this book was a little bit trickier then for MWYT, since This Rough Magic is supposed to take place 1964.I couldn’t use the cast from the last book.They weren’t young enough. And as always, they had to be British, since This Rough Magic is a very British book. So anyway, here it goes.

For beautiful actress and animal lover, Lucy Waring, I thought I would cast the lovely Julie Christie.

”Don’t pretend you don’t know! It must have been you! If you’re such death on trespassers, who else would be there?Someone took a couple of potshots at it, just a few minutes ago.I was down there, and I saw you on the terrace.”

She doesn’t mince words and is pretty fearless.:)

For the dark, brooding musician, Max Gale, I thought I would cast Alan Bates.

Now, look, to hell with the civilities, you’ll have to hear it all some other time. If we’re not to die of pneumonia, we’ve got to go. Where are your shoes, Miss Waring?...

Obviously, Mr. Gale has no problems telling Godfrey Manning when to sod off. LOL

For Max’s father, the great actor and recluse, Julian Gale, I decided to go withSir Ralph Richardson.Sir Ralph has a certain quality of ethereal wackiness that seems to fit Sir Julian. It’s like he could have a conversation with himself and be highly entertained.I love that.LOL

He was not, or he might have stopped her pillaging the place! She’s made a good selection, hasn’t she? I thought she should be made to pay a forfeit, á la Beauty and the Beast.We’ll let her off the kiss on such a short acquaintance, but she’ll have to stay and have a drink with us, at least!”

For Lucy’s amusing and older sister, Phyllida (who’s married to the very wealthy Leo) I thought I’d go for Maggie Smith.

”Seriously, there isn’t anyone watching, is there, Lucy? I’d just as soon not have an audience.”

Poor Phyl doesn’t want anyone seeing her swimming on the beach when she’s a few months pregnant.She sounds adorable though, all dressed in bright yellow nylon.LOL

For the uptight, nature lover and photographer, Godfrey Manning, I thought I would go with Tom Courtney.

Look, Phyl, ought I to go and talk to them now? There’ll be things they’ll want to ask.”

Lucy says when she meets him, My first quick impression was of a mask of rather chilly control held hard down over some strong emotion.Then the impression faded, and I saw that I was wrong: the control was not a mask; it was part of the man, and was created by the emotion itself, as a Westinghouse brake is slammed on automatically by the head of the steam.

For the beautiful Miranda, I decided to go with lovely Greek actress, Irene Papas.

Yes! It was after this holy woman, A Corfiote, that I was called! Then you know this story, too?”

Handsome gardener and Maria’s love interest, Adonis, could be played by George Charkaris.

“It’s a bit much, isn’t it?In Greek we say ‘Adoni,’” (He pronounced it A-thoni.) “Perhaps you’d find that easier to say?Not quite so sissy?”

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