Rob's closet from Wonkenstein is back, and this time it has disgorged a smelly combination of Harry Potter and Chewbacca, which Rob calls Hairy. Apparently, a chemistry set left too long in the closet bonded in a weird and mystical way with some books stored there, helped along by a heavy new closet door with a creepy guy on the doorknob. Once again, the creature gets Rob in trouble as he and his friends go about their daily lives, which include a lot of annoying school bullies and annoying siblings. The parents are also kind of quirky.Rob tries to get onto a cooking show, which is disastrous, and Hairy helps out a little bit.

Strengths: This will never be on the shelf. I am amazed by the number of 6th graders who will ONLY read books with pictures. This limits their choices a lot, but this is at least something other than reading Wimpy Kid for the 47th time.

Weaknesses: Not my cup of tea. One of those guy things I don't understand.