Your wedding — the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life — is tomorrow. The invitations have been sent out, the caterer and florist are lined up, and the bridesmaid dresses have all been exquisitely hand tailored. The location is spectacular and the officiant is your best friend. The weather is going to be great. There’s only one fear: that something unplanned and unexpected will happen.

With biting humor, twenty true stories share the side-splitting details of wedding mishaps and mistakes. A momentous event for all, weddings bring together people — who may not know each other or know each other too well — to create an idealized vision of the occasion. But different cultural expectations, emotional outpourings, jealous ex-lovers, rules of etiquette, and lots of champagne can blur that vision, making for laugh-out-loud experiences no one ever expected, yet everyone can relate to.

These funny women — brides, bridesmaids, guests, relatives, and strangers — know that wedding gowns can fall apart, that chocolate shavings will melt under the sun, and that dirty dancing isn't just a movie. They capture the essence of bad luck, bad taste, and bad decisions surrounding the big day in this witty, entertaining book.