Fresh from both Best Gay Erotica 1997 and 1998, Jack Fritscher's 4th collection of fiction follows on the heels of the National Small Press Book Award to his 3rd collection, Rainbow County and 11 Other Stories. Titanic is a novella anchoring eleven very diverse and quite literate short stories of erotic themes. Titanic is at long last the forbidden gay love story of the most erotic cruise in history, featuring the Unsinkable Molly Brown, the Stoker, the Purser, and the Lovers will never forget this story ripped from the secret pages of a Titanic diary In this cineplex book of "Fritscher Features", Hollywood finally tells the true stories hidden in the coded subtexts of cinema "Eros" meets "style" in these eleven stories where sex and brains and worlds collide. Includes:

- Brideshead of Frankenstein Revisited

- Billy Budd-Jones

- Punk Rock@CBGB

- Seducing Butch

- Buck's Bunkhouse The Screenplay]

- My Baby Loves Western Movies

- Bedtime Story: Tales From the Bear Cult

- The Night the YMCA Made Me a Man

- I Married an Aquanymph