Excellent western set just after the Civil War ended.Some scenes were heart wrenching and several tears were shed reading this novel.This book had me on an emotional roller coaster ride:a lot of anger, sadness, joy,and more anger.The udder stupidity of people (AKA Human Beings) treating other people (AKA Human Beings) like dirt because of their culture and skin color(s).Ugh

There are Indian slaughters in this book and the rounding up of Indians to "herd" them to reservations.The abhorrent way so call "church goers" treated their own "people" who survived ordeals just had me all fired up.

I enjoyed the characters, Emma and Ridge, very good hearted and well developed.The book was well written and starts right out with a BANG.Nice story.Rated PG13

This book opens potential doors for secondary characters to get their own stories...