Collette has 2 good friends, Sarah and Marsha. And both of them are lucky enough to be only children. On the other hand, poor Collette lives in a zoo, with three younger siblings and a mother who, in Collette's opinion, doesn't measure up in a lot of ways. As an artist, Mrs Murphy spends more time painting than taking care of her children, leaving Collette to be a "midget mother" to them. Mrs Murphy rarely spends time alone with Collette, Mrs Murphy's not much of a baker, Mrs Murphy brings the little ones everywhere - and the little ones spoil everything!

When Collette wins the lead role in the class play, Sarah isn't happy because she thought they'd paint scenery together and Marsha makes Collette feel so bad that she gives up the role, which is promptly offered to, and accepted by, Sarah! Collette's having a hard time knowing who her friends really are and living in a crowded, noisy house where she has to fight for her parents' attention doesn't make things easier. So she makes a single Christmas wish - to be an only child. Her parents make her wish come true for a day and Collette learns that she actually misses her siblings!

Almost every child in the book speaks with a voice that's a little off - either too baby-ish for their age or too mature, it's the only part of McKenna's style that could really use some work. Marsha is a bit of a snot and how the girls have been friends for so long is a mystery, unless it's just because they live across the street from one another. Other than that, a nice fun story. Every kid - from only children to those in huge families - can relate to someone in this story. So can parents, for that matter!