Toxic Relationships can involve men of all shapes, sizes, and dysfunctions. In "Toxic Men," bestselling author, body language, and communication expert Dr. Lillian Glass shows you how to identify, effectively handle, and heal from men who make you miserable.From the Sneaky, Passive-Aggressive, Silent-But-Deadly Erupting Volcano to the Instigating, Backstabbing Meddler, Dr. Glass offers ten practical ways to deal with every type of toxic man. Her psychologically sound, practical strategies provide a range of solutions for dealing with a Toxic Man.

For each toxic situation that you find yourself trapped in within your relationship, Dr. Glass provides you with the answers you need in order to discover the Nontoxic Man capable of maintaining a healthy, supportive, and loving relationship.

This book is not about male bashing. Instead, it is about empowering you to never be a victim again. You no longer have to suffer in silence. You have choices.