Giovanni is no hit man, but he’s going to have to be if he is going to be able to face his father again. The son of a powerful mobster, his father has determined that its now time for him to take his place in the family. Giovanni is prepared to kill the son of a rival mobster from a room across from his hotel. But what he sees distracts him, and rather than pull the trigger, he finds himself indulging in personal fantasies, fantasies he dares not have.

Amador runs his family’s construction company. Vega Construction is legit and it’s about the only business that is. He has done his best to avoid being dragged into his father’s criminal activities and done his best to hide his secret sexual desires. He is not thrilled to find himself on the Biachi hit list or to discover that the man sent to kill him now knows his secret.

Giovanni and Amador will have no choice but to come together in an explosive way, both in the bedroom and out, as they desperately try to find a way out of the trap they find themselves ensnared in. Is there a way out, and if there is, will it be together?